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Are you looking for ways to turn your home into a cozy, calm and relaxing space? A nebulizing essential oil diffuser can help you transform the energy in your home into your own home sanctuary. From aromatherapy benefits and supporting respiratory function to creating the perfect 'spa at home' environment, a nebulizing diffuser could very well turn out to be the solution you're looking for. A nebulizing diffuser works by turning pressurized essential oils into a mist of extremely fine micro-droplets that are most easily absorbed by the body. It works without adding heat nor water, thus conserving all the original properties of the essential oil....

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The benefits of Coconut Oil in Natural Skin Care and Hair Treatments The natural mix of oils and fatty acids in coconut oil is similar to that found in  our skin and hair, and its complex make-up gives it many natural benefits that synthetic oils or other non-100% pure beauty products cannot offer. We explain some of the best reasons why coconut oil is an important ingredient in natural skin care and hair treatment products and why it is a favorite here at Utama Spice. Natural hair treatment The unique fat composition of coconut oil helps protect and nourish your hair and scalp, which means...

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