Danau Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

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Compact, convenient and efficient – our deluxe Danau Nebulizing Diffuser is perfect for aromatherapy and essential oils, and made of custom blown glass and a handcrafted wooden base. No water required, this nebuliser will diffuse your essential oils into the air in a fine mist of micro-droplets. Ideal for use with our essential oils and blends, in your home or work space.


  • Low-energy cycle with 120-minute pump auto shut-off
  • Fully adjustable dial to instantly fine-tune mist intensity
  • Mood light
  • USB compatible

A nebulizing diffuser turns pressurized essential oils into a mist of extremely fine micro-droplets that are most easily absorbed by the body. It works without adding heat nor water, thus conserving all the original properties of the essential oil.

This enables the pure scent and the therapeutic effects of the essential oils to be effectively disseminated over a larger area without altering the particles or adding unwanted humidity to the environment.

How to Use
Putting 20 to 25 drops of pure essential oil into the glass reservoir is sufficient for each use. Clean once a week or after each use for best effect.

Avoid using thicker oils like Myrrh, Frankincense, Vetivert, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Benzoin and Cypress or blends that contain these oils as these can cause blockages in the bulb.

Cleaning (see instructional video here >>>)
Clean with hot water or rubbing alcohol, once a week or as required. Full cleaning instructions are in user manual and video can be found here >>>.


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