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Hi everyone, it's me, Rachel - the founder of Utama Spice Singapore and mother of a 14 month old (at the time of writing). I usually shy away from the camera or sharing about my personal journey, but recent conversations with friends has encouraged me to share what I have learnt in my journey so far, in the hope that it will help others. Why I started Utama SpiceI never intended to go into business with Utama Spice. I was just a happy customer and friends with Ria, the founder's daughter who is based in Bali and who continues to run...

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Rachel, the person behind Utama Spice Singapore, decided to bring Utama Spice into Singapore after battling severe eczema that developed in her late 20s (odd because you’re generally supposed to grow out of eczema after childhood). Rachel visited many different doctors who couldn’t find a cure or long term solution for her eczema and only helped her manage her condition by prescribing oral and topical steroids. Rachel’s frustration eventually led her to become more conscious of what she was consuming and what she was putting on her skin, and motivated her to find more natural solutions to managing her condition....

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