5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Nebulizing Diffuser

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Nebulizing Diffuser

Are you looking for ways to turn your home into a cozy, calm and relaxing space? A nebulizing essential oil diffuser can help you transform the energy in your home into your own home sanctuary.

From aromatherapy benefits and supporting respiratory function to creating the perfect 'spa at home' environment, a nebulizing diffuser could very well turn out to be the solution you're looking for.

A nebulizing diffuser works by turning pressurized essential oils into a mist of extremely fine micro-droplets that are most easily absorbed by the body. It works without adding heat nor water, thus conserving all the original properties of the essential oil.

Compact and elegant, our Danau Nebulizing Diffuser, with its wooden, handcrafted base and a custom-blown glass body, is the perfect aromatherapy companion. Embedded with features like adjustable dial, USB compatibility and auto-shutoff, the Danau essential oil diffuser is simply one of the best options available in the market.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider trying our Danau Nebulizing Diffuser in your home or work space too:

You’ll start sleeping better

There are a lot of reasons why you’re not being able to have a good night’s sleep. Among different remedies and solutions to fix your sleeping problems, aromatherapy could be one of the best natural options you’re overlooking right now.

Stress and anxiety can prevent your brain from releasing the optimum melatonin levels, required for a sound sleep. An essential oil diffuser beside your bed can be a great help to relieve stress and anxiety.

You can choose from a range of different essential oils to relax your mind and body. Oils like lavender, orange and chamomile are excellent muscle-relaxant options that you can use with your nebulizer.  

Builds immunity

We can’t really say for sure that the air inside our homes is free from the pollutants, toxins and diseases that can be found outside the home. Your immune system could use a bit of extra support to help you fend off bugs and bring you some extra relief. 

A nebulizer diffuses pure, undiluted essential oils that allows your body to absorb the pure benefits and can be a great start for you to give your immune system a boost using essential oils like lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus.


Allergies and sensitivities can be a nuisance too during the cooler and wet seasons. From sinus pain and itchy eyes to headaches and congestion, a lot of allergic conditions can take a hold of you and hinder every day activities.

Using essential oils like our Clearing blend or eucalyptus with a good nebulizer like Danau can provide great respiratory support and relief from sinus complications.

Pure scent without dilution

The best thing about Danau’s nebulizer is that unlike the typical diffusers, it doesn’t let water dilute the essential oil composition. Instead, it transforms the essential oils into a mist of finely separated micro-droplets that the body can absorb in a relatively better way. Here’s the catch. It doesn’t need any water or heat to work, which helps it preserve the richness of every oil. This helps in scattering the moisture-free droplets over a larger area, prevents humidity and maintains the original scent of every essential oil.

Sets your home’s ambiance

Well, this goes without saying. Having a great nebulizer is an excellent way to enrich your house with unique, signature fragrances. It helps setting the tone of a house and maintain a strong deterrence against any unpleasant odours. Mint, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass and Lavender are great options for this purpose.