Ginger Essential Oil

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Used in folk medicine and an essential part of Asian cuisine and culture, Ginger is a potent spice. Moreover, with it's warming and electrifying scent, Ginger Essential Oil is the strongest form of Ginger containing the most ginerol and the best way to use it as a medicine! It can treat nausea, aches, and pains.

Our Ginger Essential Oil is third party tested for purity and quality, and is derived from Ginger grown in Java, Indonesia.


How to Use
Suitable for use in a diffuser or topical application. Test for skin sensitivity before using topically. Dilution with a carrier oil such as Virgin Coconut Oil is recommended, particularly if used on sensitive areas such as the face or neck. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membrane and genitals. Not recommended for use on infants and very small children.

Zingiber Offcinale (ginger) Root Oil

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