Begone Bug Incense (Mosquito Coil Alternative)

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A 100% natural alternative to mosquito coils.

Lovingly hand-rolled in Bali, Utama Spice's Begone Bug natural incense sticks are made only with Balinese spices and herbs. Sticks of bamboo and coconut charcoal are dipped in essential oils to produce 100%-natural incense sticks that do not contain any harmful chemicals, yet are strong enough to ward off mosquitoes and other bugs. These slow-burning incense sticks are made of a blend of flowers, bark, herbs, oils, nuts, and spices, using no synthetic chemicals or endangered plants.

Wrapped in recycled paper. Hand-made according to Fair Trade and Tri Hita Karana principles.

Our large box contains 12 long sticks of incense and is great for using around the home.

Our smaller box of 6 small sticks come in a handy box, with a built-in incense stick holder. Perfect for picnics and holidays!


  • Light dark end of the incense stick with a lighter until a glowing, red ember forms at the tip. Place unlit end of incense stick in the built-in holder in the box, and let incense stick burn gently.
  • Ash will fall to the ground after burning, just wipe ash away with damp cloth or tissue.


Best used in well-ventilated spaces, and kept away from small children or animals. Do not place incense near flammable materials like curtains or bedsheets.

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