Energizing Yoga Mat Spray Refill (1L)

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Can't get enough of our multi-purposed Energizing Yoga Mat Spray? If you're using it to clean your home or studio, and not just yoga mats but also your baby mat, keyboards, boxing gloves, or any other hard surface then this 1L or 5L option might be the thing for you.

Naturally antibacterial and fragranced with essential oils, we use alcohol derived from sugar cane to give you this 100% natural cleaning spray solution.

1 litre 

Instructions for Use
Shake well before use. Use a few sprays on the mat before practice, and enjoy the fresh scent while you work through your poses. A few sprays after practice will sanitize your mat before you put it away. Wipe with damp cloth to spread over the mat or just allow to air dry.

We've tried this on our backpacks, computer screens, mobile phone screens, keyboards, our forearms and feet, you name it. Give it a go yourself!

Grain Alcohol, Pure Essential Oil Blend (Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon), Spring Water

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