Weekender's Essentials Set

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This gift set contains everything you'll need for that weekend staycation or for a quick holiday, so you can look after yourself naturally from top to toe!

The Weekender's Essentials Set contains:

1. Face Serum 30ml: This magical blend of Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and essential oils is great for those who like to wash and go. Individual retail price: $32.

2. Virgin Coconut Oil 100ml: To use as all over moisturiser for hair, body and face or just to use as makeup remover or for pulling. Individual retail price: $14.

3. Begone Bug 100ml: Our best selling Begone Bug that will keep your family smelling great while keeping them safe at the same time! Individual retail price: $13.

4. Supa Dupa Multi-Purposed Cleaning and Fragrancing Spray (Yoga Mat Spray): 
Use this as room spray for the hotel room, to clean and freshen up your seat on the plane, or simply to keep your shoes and sports equipment fresh while you're on holiday! Individual retail price: $14.50.

5. Body Mist 60ml: Freshen up just before boarding or on the go, with our hydrating seaweed gel based Body Mist. Individual retail price: $16.50.