Everyday Body Mist Set (5 x 60ml)

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Running to your next meeting in the heat? Meeting friends, like, 10 minutes ago?

Stay cool and cut through sweat fast with our naturally refreshing Body Mists. Handmade with sustainably-sourced ingredients in durable packaging for mindful life on the go.

Made with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory seaweed (agar) gel, our Body Mists will not only keep you cool and smelling fresh, but will also help to maintain good skin tone. Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic chemicals, fragrances and additives. Never tested on animals.

This Everyday Body Mist Set contains all 5 of our 60ml Body Mists:

1. Lavender Fields
2. Ocean Breeze
3. Citrus Delight
4. Fresh Soul
5. Senja

Own all 5 of our best-selling Body Mists and you'll have one for each day of the week or for each bag that you own!

Instructions for Use
The Body Mist's gentle aroma means that you can afford to spray liberally over the hair or body, otherwise, 2 or 3 sprays will effectively invigorate specific areas. Allow Body Mist to air dry or spread over skin with hands or wrists. Reapply throughout the day to ensure always staying fresh and cool.

Shake well before use and spray liberally over the body. Try spritzing this on your wrist or arm first before using on more sensitive parts of the body. Avoid direct contact with eyes or mucous membranes.


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