Clay Mask for Face & Body

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Our Clay Mask contains nothing but 100% pure volcanic clay.

Gentle yet deeply cleansing, it purifies your pores as it cleanses and softens the skin. Quick drying and easily removed with water, suitable for use on face and body. Great for removing city grit and grime!

100% Kaolin clay

Suitable For
Sensitive, Normal, Combination or Oily skin types

Good For

  • Drawing out toxins and dirt from the inner layers of skin 
  • Cleans and diminishes pores
  • Acne treatment
Instructions for Use

Mix a small amount of the white Clay Mask powder in a small bowl or the palm of your hand with water, mix until it forms a light paste. Apply to skin and let mask air dry for a minute or two. Rinse with water and dry with damp cloth or towel for best results.

If you don't like getting your hands dirty, try painting this liquid silk on with a paintbrush for extra fun!

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